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Basketball Play - Pitch STS

Pitch STS

Evan Orzolek 07/20/2017

Screen the screener set by Brose Bamberg. Important to have the timing down of the cross screen and the pitch back to 1. Flows into spread pick and roll if there is no initial scoring opportunity presented with the screen the screener action. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Ballscreen Stagger

Horns Ballscreen Stagger

Evan Orzolek 07/01/2017

Real nice horns set run by CAI Zaragoza in the Liga ACB 2013-2014 season. This set includes a back screen, ball screen, and a stagger screen. I lvoe how this set forces a defender to guard two actions at once (x5). x5 is forced to guard the ball screen and the stagger screen simultaneously. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper 5 Elbow

Zipper 5 Elbow

Evan Orzolek 06/28/2017

Creative ball screen set ran by the Boston Celtics this season. Boston used this action to flow into an elbow ball screen for a guard who had a stretch 4 replacing behind the ball screen. Having the center come off a zipper down screen is a creative design on an already tough action to guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop Iverson Dayton

Loop Iverson Dayton

Evan Orzolek 06/10/2017

Ball screen set run by Stelmet Zielona Gora from the Polish Basketball League. Includes a zipper, iverson, and cross screen that flows into a double ball screen for a perimeter player. "Dayton" is a term I came up with when the first ball screen is set player "4" (who automatically pops) and then is followed by a second ball screen by player "5" (who rolls to the rim). See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Flex Zipper Weave

Horns Flex Zipper Weave

Evan Orzolek 06/10/2017

Common ball screen set run by Ratiopharm Ulm who won the Germany-BBL regular season title. The set starts in a horns alignment and includes a flex screen, zipper screen, and dribble weave action into the spread pick and roll. Many teams in Europe will commoly have different entries that eventually flow into the spread pick and roll to create confusion amongst the defense. The defense must defend mutiple different actions with this spread pick and roll entry and will have to properly communicate in order to properly defend the dribble weave ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB Give Weave

SLOB Give Weave

Evan Orzolek 06/01/2017

SLOB set ran by the U20 Serbian team in the Eurobasket Championships in 2015. Timing of the down screen set by 4 should be practiced for timing purposes. 4 should set down screen for 2 once 1 starts the cut up to 5 to receive the stationary DHO in the slot. The false action in this set creates a solid opportunity out of the spread pick and roll. The ball coverage of the ball screen (x2) will be weak and late due to the down screen set by 4 and also with the DHO by 1. As a result, this will put extra pressure on the defending big involved on the ball screen (x5) and should create an advantage out of the spread pick and roll. See More

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