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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Matt Wheeler 06/08/2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran this play down 3 with 12.9 seconds left in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. With no timeouts left, the Cavaliers were looking for a three point shot. This play provided two options at it, but both were defended well by the Warriors. The Cavaliers subbed out Kyle Korver on this possession but he wouldn't have been an option. They were looking for Kyrie (1) or LeBron (3) See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat - EOG SLOB

Miami Heat - EOG SLOB

Ryan Nguyen 01/19/2018

Erik Spoelstra ran this EOG SLOB set in consecutive games versus the Utah Jazz and Toronto Raptors. Set is designed to use Wayne Ellington's gravity to pull two defenders onto him when comes off the flare screen from Kelly Olynyk to the strong side corner. Olynyk then sets a down screen for Richardson where he looks to attack on the catch after the inbound pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns - Hammer

Phoenix Suns - Hammer

Ryan Nguyen 01/19/2018

Hammer set ran by the Phoenix Suns. 2 and 5 set a double step up ball screen for 1. 2 and 3 cross high at the top. 1 attacks baseline and finds 2 drifting to the corner out of the hammer screen set by 4, who relocates to the 3-point line (free-throw line extended) after screening. See More

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Basketball Play - NC State - Iverson Stagger PNR

NC State - Iverson Stagger PNR

Matt Wheeler 01/16/2018

NC State used this ATO play to allow 3 to create off the dribble, put 4 in the position to get the ball at the rim, and allow their shooting 5 man to stretch the floor from the 3 point line. The Wolfpack started the play with 3 making an Iverson cut off of 4 and 5 to receive the pass from 1 on the wing. 1 cut to the corner to provide spacing as 3 dribbled off of the stagger ball screen from 5 and 4. As 3 turned the corner on the second ball screen x4 had to provide help. 4 then rolled to the rim forcing x5 to provide help on him. This allowed 5 to get an open look at a three point shot off of the pass from 3. Blog Post: 5 NCAA Teams that are Exceeding Expectations See More

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