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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors 4 - Short Clock STS

Toronto Raptors 4 - Short Clock STS

Cooper Smither 01/31/2018

The Toronto Raptors have used this play for the past several seasons when they are inbounding the ball from the sideline while facing a short clock situation. While the primary objective is generally for DeMar DeRozan to get a quick two, they have added wrinkles over time where a lob pass, as well as a DHO with the inbounder, have been explored. Overall, the play has the ability to be adjusted for specific personnel. A down screen is set by the 5 (or the team's best screen-setter), while a back screen is set by the 2 (primary target) on the weak side of the floor. These are generally used as decoy actions to tug defender's out of position for subsequent actions. 5 engages in a screen-the-screener action while 2 cuts towards the inbounder. The inbounder can pass to the 2, whose momentum should take them to the rim or to the baseline for a jumper. Additionally, the 5 can slip the screen against an aggresive defense and look for a lob pass at the rim. If those options cannot be succesfully explored, 1 quickly passes the ball to 5 as they flash to the strong side elbow to engage in a DHO. See More

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